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epic privacy browser download for windows
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epic privacy browser download for windows

 A privacy-focused, free browser

Epic Browser is a free Chrome-based web browser created by a firm called Hidden Reflex. With a particular focus in privacy, this program lets users browse the internet completely anonymously every time. It stops trackers, ads and other websites from accessing your history, data and IP address. Furthermore, Epic Browser for Windows offers a familiar interface and the option of free VPN access.


It provides a safe and secure browsing experience

If you think you're not being tracked even when you're in the incognito mode you're mistaken! Even if you think you're surfing the internet in a private manner it is being monitored by third-party apps, data collectors as well as internet service providers as well as the government. Because of DNS caches, your complete browsing history is accessible to anyone who would like to examine it.

Epic Browser, also known as Epic Privacy Browser is a reliable and fast web browser that is designed to safeguard your privacy and personal data. It comes with a proxy which blocks the flow of data via your Internet address. It also will automatically erase your history each time you close your browser. This way it is able to hide your actions from employers as well as trackers, search engines, ISPs, and governments.

Does Epic offer a user-friendly user interface?

The Epic Browser is built of the free Chromium software, and is employed by the world's most well-known web browser that is Google Chrome. Due to this resemblance it is possible that it is said that the Epic Browser has a very familiar user interface. It has the same functions, such as opening multiple tabs at once, creating and adding bookmarks zooming in and out, printing specific pages and changing the language and much more.


Does really the Epic Browser really private?

Epic Browser features a secure browsing experience that blocks trackers, cookies, and ads. Each time when you shut down the application it erases your entire browsing history, the same way like other browsers when you're in the incognito mode. Additionally it also offers an easy proxy option that allows you to redirect all of your internet traffic to Epic's server , thereby hiding the IP address of your computer.

If you launch the Epic Privacy Browser you'll be greeted with a message that states it's powered the top search engines worldwide. But, due to its privacy settings that are top of the line the platform doesn't share any of your personal information with these companies. In reality when you type in a query into your search box, this system won't be able to tell you results specific to your location.

Because Epic Browser isn't able to save any information about your browsing history it isn't allowed to view the top-rated sites, which is a popular feature of other browsers. The safe browser shows a 'Do Not Track declaration by default. It also blocks social media websites, ads and Web analytics platforms from being able to track your activities and displaying you with specific advertisements. It also stops URL installation, URL, and address bar tracking, as well as leaks.

In addition The Chromium-based Epic Browser offers users VPN access, and has servers in eight countries all over the world. If you utilize the app's VPN service it will encrypt and route every single stream of data, so that you can access websites that are not available within your region. It also hides your IP address while visiting websites that use torrents. Since your traffic is directed to a small quantity of locations on servers, it is possible that you could be experiencing slow speeds when using Epic using its VPN feature in use.


Can Epic Browser support extensions?

The problem is that Epic Browser doesn't support extensions or add-ons. Due to its built-in privacy settings that block all extensions and plugins that depend on cookies, will be immediately blocked.

If you're used adding add-ons and password management and other add-ons, you might not appreciate Epic Browser in the same way. However, the company recognizes this issue and plans to provide assistance for a selection of safe and essential extensions and plugins.


Do you have any Epic Browser alternatives?

Epic Browser is just an alternative to the list of web browsers on the market. While it is focused on privacy, other browsers focus on speed, quality and ease of use.

If you'd like to try some of the most well-known Epic Browser alternatives, you ought to look into apps such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and DuckDuckGo.


Our perspective

Epic Browser is safe to download and use. The most crucial features are developed to shield users from online threats such as viruses, spyware and malware. After you have stopped surfing, the app erases all your history, eliminates cookies, and clears the cache. It also blocks third-party trackers and engines from collecting details about your browsing habits.


Do you have to download it?

If you're in search of a browser with privacy mode that is turned on by default, then you must install the Epic Browser. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface it is supported by top search engines, and offers an unsecure and safe browsing experience. It is also able to block thousands of collectors and data processors ISPs and social media websites, as well as governments from storing your personal data. It also provides VPN access as well as an encrypted proxy settings which routes your data and conceals your IP address.

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