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vivaldi browser download for windows
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vivaldi browser download for windows

 download vivaldi web browser for windows

High performance and only a few negatives

Vivaldi can be a powerful software packed with extras. The most impressive collection of features comes with an extensive set of tools for personalization. It's simple to alter the shortcuts, colors, and backgrounds at a moment's notice.


A respectable privacy policy

Vivaldi is a web-based browser built on Chromium and comes with a array of built-in features that elevate the user experience to the higher level.


vivaldi browser download for pc

The first and most important thing is that Vivaldi ensures the privacy of everyone who utilizes it. While doing so it syncs data across all devices that have an account. This ensures seamless experiences across multiple hardware devices. It utilizes Google Safe Browsing to fight against malware and phishing websites. The feature, however it does not transmit information to Google. It's a fair trade-off.

 vivaldi browser download for windows 10

The regular updates increase its security over time. Security flaws that could compromise your security are pointed out on a regular basis. Secure HTTP connections can trigger Vivaldi to issue an error. The warning stops the connection. The issue is that the application can disable all cookies, or just one. This is an enormous negative.

Auto-fill, safe-browsing, as well as search suggestion are number of other features included in its arsenal. You can turn off these features to prevent the sending of information to Google. When it comes to customizing, you can alter the visual appearance of all elements. This includes the search bar, tab color backgrounds of the home page, as well as the menu design.

Vivaldi has a unique tab management system. Stacks are tabs that are placed on display in one place. This allows you to work on different pages at once. Tabs that are new have an unread status , and also show a notification. Pins are also available and serve the same purpose.


Where do you want to run this program?

Vivaldi is compatible with Windows 8 and later. It's also compatible with Android, Mac, and iOS.


Are there alternatives to this?

No. Firefox and Opera have additional options for privacy on the internet However, Vivaldi has them ahead in terms of customizing. The loading speed is similar to each other and also extensions and add-ons.

Our perspective

The program stands out due to the fact that it's simple to personalize. Changes in color, changes to the homepage and additional options to alter the menu options makes it simple to design the perfect interface. It also offers simple and user-friendly options to increase the privacy of online users.

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