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Download Windscribe VPN
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Download Windscribe VPN

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WindscribeVPN is a symbiosis between an VPN client and an "blocker" of advertising for Windows. Secures the traffic and allows users with access to "blocked" web resources, regardless of "regional restrictions". The program blocks transfer of "promotional" data and display advertisements on browsers.


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It is equipped with three modes of operation "standard", "TCP" and "hidden" for bypassing locks "by gateways" and hiding the user's data from "in-depth analysis" of the network of the service provider. The device is equipped by an embedded Firewall that blocks the transfer of data "bypassing" the VPN. The program can run from start through"network" "network" driver.


Function Windscribe VPN

It creates a "tunneled" information gateway protected by the AES-256-GCM cryptographic algorithm, and utilizes it to transmit traffic

Encrypts and decrypts outgoing or received data packets;

It scans the traffic, and identifies "advertising data", de-anonymization requests "and malicious data packets and blocks their transmission or receipt;

The system, browsers , and networks card into the chosen connections procedure ("standard", "TCP", "hidden"), permitting you to bypass"gateway "gateway" and "hide" locks that are a result of deep network scanning provided by the service provider

Analyzes the system and blocks any transfer of data "bypassing" the VPN, in the event that Firewall mode is turned on.

It is loaded via autoload prior to initiating the start of "network" drivers.


download windscribe vpn for pc

Dual encryption that is powerful employing the cryptographic algorithm AES-256-GCM for creating an info "tunnel" and with the direct transmission of data packets

The capability to block any kind of "advertising" traffic even before it is recognized by browsers.

Mode TCP to bypass the gateway lock;

"Hidden" mode for "hiding" traffic from deep network scanning by servers of the service provider

It is difficult to determine the true IP address once you enable the Firewall mode is turned on;

The existence of the startup function of autoload before"the "start" of the network drivers is helpful when they are infected by viruses that could "uncover" the real IP.


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The relatively lengthy "rendering" of pages in browsers because of the requirement for double encryption;

"Firewall" function "Firewall" function may conflict with the system's Firewall and affect the performance of network applications (it is addressed by rebooting and a preliminari closing to that Firewall feature);

The advertisement may be missed by filtering the traffic.

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