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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed review
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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed review

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Racing games are very diverse, including realistic car racing games or as they are known as simulation games, and there are arcade racing games that are more action-oriented, also there are racing games with future vehicles such as the F-Zero series, Wipe Out, etc., and there are racing games with marine vehicles such as Hydro Thunder and others, here Sega takes us with a racing game that offers a great mixture of all other types of racing games on the roads, on the surface of the water, and even above the clouds with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, so was the mixture good? Today we offer you a review of the game to find out the answer.


There are many mini-car or kart racing games that were released during the last period, such as Mod Nation and Little Big Planet Karting, as well as the racing game from the development team Sumo Digital with the famous Sega characters, led by Sonic in its first part, but none of them provided an experience that could be said to be good or presented. A new idea for this type of game, the development team Sumo Digital has returned to the planning board to work on the game Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed to present a lot of great ideas and most importantly good implementation, we make a simple note here that the version we are reviewing today is for Wii U from the game.


So what's new in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed? The most important idea in the game is the ability to transform in the stages of the game. Here it moves you between normal roads to water, and many times you will find yourself flying over the ground. Yes, your vehicle has become a transformer, and each type of transformation has a different control with different sensitivity to the degree of turning, and you have to pay attention to the smallest details because the game will not Forgive you a lot, for sure the cars will be with easy and usual control while controlling the vehicle and the plane will require you to get used to it because it is easy to lose control of these vehicles.


The game relies a lot on the Drifting or Drifting system at the laps to try to get a strong start or the Boost by charging the amount of the strong (invisible) start and how long you continue drifting will increase the start force by three levels, this thing will be the boundary between the professional of the game and those who play it for a hobby only Drifting is an absolute necessity to win because every lap here is important and you have the ability to connect the drift even with the different directions of the laps and the presence of some narrow roads, so you will find yourself forced to master this very wonderful system to win the races.


One of the very special things in this game is the single-player or Career Mode, instead of playing tournaments only to get all the characters and methods here, you have a very entertaining single-player mode, yes there is a tournament to start with, but within the tournaments there are many different types of play, for example There are regular races and there are updates such as competing with one player and trying to overtake him or the drift challenge, where you see a timer that stops if you drift and there is a fight with a tank and you have to try to blow it up or try to enter all the rings by placing the flying vehicle at a specific time and other tasks that make the single-player phase very entertaining In this game, you will need to collect points to get all the characters and unlock ways to progress further in this stage.


There are other phases such as tournaments, time challenge, and others as well, in addition to the various phases of team play. By right, this product gives you a very great value for what you pay, which is a rare thing in card games, from which we are accustomed to the phase of one player being very weak, and after that the content or value of the additional game remains from team play only. Here you will spend many hours to get everything in the game.


The game offers beautiful graphics, but there are some problems from time to time with the frame rate of the game, the problem may be that the stages are very live and there are a lot of events that you see at certain times, which affects the frame rate and also you feel that you are sometimes lost in the way you should be especially In the flight stages, like other games of this type, there is a group of weapons that you can obtain through the stages, and the fact that the design of the weapons, as well as their effect, was not in the best possible way. The system for punishing the effects of weapons was not good. Returning to the race or to normal is very fast.