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betternet free vpn download
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betternet free vpn download

betternet hotspot vpn free download

Betternet is a software which hides your location using the virtual private network.

Betternet is a program for free that allows you to browse the internet in complete privacy. It also lets you access websites from different countries as well as prevents websites from monitoring your place of residence.


What is Betternet have to offer?

The simple interface of Betternet makes it particularly useful to users who are unfamiliar with this world of VPN and private browsing.

Surf the web safely without leaving a trace of your location or your identity being compromised.

betternet vpn free download for mac

After the program is installed, you are able to join, as well as browse through your preferred websites, leaving no trail behind. Once you have downloaded the software, you can begin using it without having to register your personal details.

betternet vpn free download for iphone

You can stream and browse at your leisure. Betternet does not have restrictions on its bandwidth in contrast to conventional VPN and proxy services.

betternet vpn free download for android

You can unlock content in other regions which may not be accessible in your area. This is an enormous benefit for those who travel frequently and wish to be able to access websites from their home country when traveling abroad.

betternet vpn download for pc

There are no US servers accessible via the free version, which means you'll have upgrade your subscription to the premium version if want for content that is tailored to different nations.

betternet vpn free download for windows

Furthermore there are privacy concerns regarding the program that could make you uncomfortable. Betternet promises to not use any of your personal data however, it tracks your network data, the unique device ID, and operating system. The app claims that it is only for troubleshooting and for marketing purposes, however when you launch the app, it could reveal the location of your device and details.

Where is the best place to run this application?

Betternet can be used on Windows, macOS and Linux desktops. Mobile browsers can be used by iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry.


Do you have a better option?

Yes. Betternet is an extremely useful tool to browse easily without having sites track your location. The privacy issues and absence of features that are more advanced However, it is clear that there are other options. Try HideMyAss for greater tools and more security


Our perspective

Betternet is a simple program that allows you to browse the internet completely anonymously. It's not equipped with resources and customer service as well as the company collects lots of personal information which makes it not as secure as it claims.


Do you have to download it?

No. Because of its lack of security and beneficial features, it's probably not a good idea to download Betternet. It could be helpful for occasional browsing anonymously but in the longer time it's better to download HideMyAss.

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