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folder lock for pc free download
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folder lock for pc free download

folder lock for free download for Windows

Folder encryption software

Computer security is among the most pressing concerns that most of us face nowadays. What happens if somebody hacks your computer? Are they able to access all of the folders it contains? The Folder Lock is an application that eliminates this worry by securing and safely safeguarding your folders using high-level encryption.


Security Folder

While it is possible to utilize Windows the built-in password protection as well as folder security options but you might need something more robust. Software such as Windows BitLocker and AES Crypt utilizes sophisticated security techniques to keep your folders secure.


folder lock software free download

Folder Lock is a similar product in that it comes featuring AES (advanced encryption standard) secure 256-bit. You can also utilize Folder Lock to block the folders in your system, secure backups with passwords on an encrypted cloud server and even digitally destroy any folder that you no longer require.


How do they work?

Instead of encrypting the folder as well as its contents, Folder Lock puts a "lock" over the folder. The lock is the encryption. Think of it as placing your folder inside the form of a virtual safe. It isn't able to be opened or moved by anyone, unless you grant them the correct key.


Folder Lock for Windows 10 free download full version

The program will require a master password for use. Simply enter this code and you'll be able to secure and unblock any folders you require. But, there's the default setting, which signifies that the serial number of your product can be used, therefore it's best to change this setting immediately.

Folder Lock is also equipped with Hack Security, which can be configured to shut down your account after a number of unsuccessful attempts at a password. You can also set up Folder Lock to shut itself down, or even Windows. closes itself, or Windows down.


Does it cost anything?

It is possible to use Folder Lock for free for up to 25 times before it prompts you for the serial number. If you have trouble finding or forgetting that master password can utilize your serial number in order to purchase another one.


Our perspective

Folder Lock is simple to use and comes with an array of security options that you can tweak. In addition, once you've paid for Folder Lock you won't have to buy it once more unless you wish to upgrade it. If you decide to uninstall it, it will not delete the previously secured folders.


Do you need to download it?

Yes. It's a low-cost method to secure your folder that secures your personal data from view.

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