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ultrasurf vpn download free
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ultrasurf vpn download free

 ultrasurf vpn download free

Access the internet without restriction

You can mask your IP address and access blocked websites. You are free to explore!

Everything you need from VPN 

An easy and cost-free way to get around internet regulations. Do not just surf the internet It's time to Ultrasurf it.

You are able to visit any of the websites you wish to without being tracked. Ultrasurf is an effective easy way to go underground on the internet. It doesn't require you to live in a specific geographical area to be able to access restricted sites. This program takes charge of the technical aspects to let you focus on the essential things.

This software encrypts your Internet data, which means that your ISP provider will not know which websites you're browsing. In addition, the host websites will not be able to read your web log. The logs are securely hidden through this software.

Every time you open the program it will provide you with an IP address that is new, to ensure that you are not detected by this efficient, functional software. The constant change of your IP will allow you to avoid geofences that stand in the way of your favourite websites.

It's important to remember that, as a service offered for free, Ultrasurf doesn't score highly in terms of security. It does block evident malware as well as phishing websites however it doesn't do much more than this. You may want to look into purchasing additional firewalls and ad-blockers that will protect your device.

In the end, this program isn't actually a VPN but rather a set of proxy servers. It isn't able to stream videos or stream videos from websites such as Netflix. It provides the basic option to hide an IP address. It doesn't have any advanced features or innovative tools, however it works effectively and can be relied upon to complete the task. Ultrasurf's simplicity means that it is impossible to fail.


Where is the best place to run this application?

This Internet software for circumventing censorship can be installed on computers running Windows 7 or later.


Do you have a better option?

Yes. Ultrasurf isn't technically an VPN therefore, you must test NordVPN or Freegate to get a complete VPN service.


Our perspective

Ultrasurf is well-designed, simple and user-friendly. It's very efficient and there are few functional issues with Ultrasurf's software. It could be improved with some other options, but since it's free, we don't have any reason to complain.


Do you need to download it?

Yes. It's completely free, which means you don't lose out on any benefit. Try it and have fun browsing anonymously.

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