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tunnelbear vpn free download
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tunnelbear vpn free download

 tunnelbear vpn free download foe windows

Private and secure browsing

Explore the internet more efficiently and with greater security using Tunnelbear. Select one of the many countries available to determine your location, and browse localized content from any location around the globe. It can be used on up to five distinct devices on one account.

Secure browsing

Tunnelbear automatically detects blocked government websites and apps, and then adjusts your location in order to avoid it.

 tunnelbear vpn free download for android

Regular VPN services are available as extensions or add-ons which do not come with privacy protection. Tunnelbear is an encryption device to protect your personal information and data. Tunnelbear has additional servers to support P2P sharing as well as other internet devices that won't slow the speed of your connection.


 best free vpn tunnelbear

Tunnelbear provides you with an additional protection layer by blocking the various trackers found on the Internet. Trackers can be found on the websites you browse, or from your ISP. By downloading this application, you will stop websites or your Internet provider from monitoring your internet activities. Tunnelbear will also block all advertisements and cookies before they be added to your browser.


 tunnelbear vpn free download for windows 10

Faster and more smooth connection when you use Tunnelbear. The standard VPN use a large amount of bandwidth, which slows your downloading and streaming. This application increases your speed by avoiding ISP throttle. Use Tunnelbear across multiple devices and see no decrease in speed or efficiency.


 tunnelbear download for pc

Access restricted content within your region, or in any other country. Tunnelbear finds government-controlled websites and applications and alters your location. Your actions are completely unnoticed from your Internet service providers, your government or other data-collection websites. Install and use any application that is typically not available to you in your local area.


Where is the best place to run this application?

Tunnelbear can be used across Windows as well as Mac. The mobile application is available for iOS as well as Android.


Do you have a better option?

No. Tunnelbear offers the best security available on the Internet at a very low cost. You could try Hotspot Shield and Surfshark however, they could be quite expensive.


Our perspective

Tunnelbear provides high-speed performance and high-security. The affordable price is what makes it hard to find a better option.

Do you need to download it?

Yes. Tunnelbear is a privacy-focused app that puts your privacy first. Install the app and enjoy total security.

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