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ccleaner download for pc
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ccleaner download for pc

 ccleaner download for windows

Today cookies, temporary files and other ways to track you Web footprint are part of the course. Certain trackers can be useful, whereas others may be intrusive.


There are plenty of freeware cleaners available to will to keep your system clean. CCleaner is among the top ones due to its user-friendly interface and its powerful cleaning capabilities.


The easy and simple layout is sure to please users of all levels. The four options it has Cleaner tools, Registry, Tools and Options are prominently visible on the left of the windows.


The Cleaner was our first choice first, which splits the options for cleaning in two sections: Windows and Applications. The program operates by first analysing your system, and after that, running the cleaner.


ccleaner download for windows 10

When you select the appropriate check boxes and selecting the appropriate check boxes, we were able to remove the temporary Internet files and cookies, as well as history and caches within the two browsers, Internet Explorer in addition to Firefox simultaneously and also emptying the Recycle Bin and rid our system from Windows the logs. The Registry function works similar to the Registry feature and lets you tick off the options you'd like to check for any issues. With less than 30 seconds, the program scan and presented a lengthy list of entries that were invalid, which we could choose to correct or leave by checking the boxes. In less than the time it took to scan it fixed the issue that we'd selected.


 ccleaner download for windows

A note: We need be able to use our Registry cleaning program three times before it returned without any issues and each time it returned with fewer and less invalid entries. With the Tools feature it was possible control our start-up applications and successfully uninstall them.


ccleaner download for windows 10 64-bit

We particularly liked the fact the fact that CCleaner allows you to control your cookies to ensure you don't erase ones which are helpful when surfing the Web. Like with the majority of Registry cleaners, we advise to be cautious prior to repairing or deleting any files. CCleaner offers an online help function however for basic cleaning it is unlikely to require it.


 ccleaner download for windows 11

As a default, the program lets you install shortcuts to the Start menu and desktop and also including open and run options in the Context menu. It also opts to install Google Chrome and making it your default browser, which means you'll need to uncheck the boxes to uncheck it. CCleaner installs and removes without leaving any folders or files in its wake.


ccleaner free download for windows 10 32-bit

CCleaner is a no-cost security, system optimization as well as a cleaning software. It eliminates unnecessary files from your system , allowing Windows to run more efficiently and freeing up precious disk space. It also eliminates the traces left by your online activities, such as your Internet browsing history. In addition, it comes with the full-featured registry cleaning.

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