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bitlord download for windows
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bitlord download for windows

 Download a free Windows BitTorrent client

BitLord is free and portable, lightweight file sharing application. The BitTorrent client is a great tool with many useful tools, like an integrated browser that includes search engines and a full-featured download manager. It runs fast and smooth using this multi-platform program which makes accessing content effortless.


Access to torrents is easy and quick

BitLord is billed as the easiest torrent downloader' and has the right reason. The initial version was it was based on Deluge and later, it added additional features to enhance user experience throughout the process. It's now capable of working with a variety of devices, and comes with a separate interface, and also a tool for streaming video that includes an integrated VLC player.


 bitlord download for windows 11

Because it's free the app shows advertisements to help keep it on the right track. Contrary to Vuze and Vuze Premium, which is a cleaner UI however, this app doesn't offer an option to pay for. Fortunately it's not too blatant.


Innovative features

Utilizing BitLord becomes a breeze when you understand the basics of the interface. The search bar is located on the left side of the screen, which will show you the torrents available to download. Alternately, you can browse the categories on the right side of your screen, and check the available torrents.


 bitlord download for windows 10

When you've selected an item, click the download button and it will save the information to your computer. There's no need to wait for the download to finish in order to access the content neither. Integration together with Open Subtitles ensures you get titles that are in your native preferred language for your videos.


Security issues

Torrenting is in essence an activity that is legal, and BitTorrent isn't a crime. If you download content with copyright rights this could result in legal problems.

Additionally, downloading torrents via the Internet is always accompanied by security risks. Be sure to use an antivirus program that is up-to-date to verify the files you downloaded from the site.

BitLord lets you utilize the VPN service to access your files, which can increase your security and differentiating it from uTorrent.


Our view

In the end, BitLord is an excellent peer-to-peer application. Although the interface may not be as intuitive initially but it's loaded with handy new features. The VPN compatibility puts the final touch making it an ideal torrenting option.


Do you have to download it?

Yes. If you are a frequent user of torrents of content You'll appreciate this fantastic free software. Its powerful tools keep it ahead of the rest of the pack.

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