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The Pathless review
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The Pathless review

The Pathless 

After Abzû took us on an enchanting journey to the depths of the ocean, the Giant Squid Games development team returns to present its second project with the adventure and open world game The Pathless, which has a distinctive artistic touch like its predecessor, so how is the experience?


The story puts us in the role of a “sniper” who arrives at a mysterious island with the aim of lifting the curse that threatens to destroy the world. The island previously flourished because of the “giants” who protected it and provided it with various blessings, but they fell before the “way-seeker”, a human who gained enough strength to defeat and control them. In his endeavor to end the world and create a new world, the story aims to basically justify the events while conveying a message about finding the appropriate path in a template that has a religious dimension.


On the technical level, the game is charming with its cartoonish artistic orientation and high graphic accuracy. Here, we find that the game tried to draw inspiration from the aesthetic of its world from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but with an attempt to present its own touch. The game itself relies on texts to narrate events, as its characters speak in an incomprehensible language.


The Pathless features a very simple gameplay, except for the ability to move and jump. There is a button to shoot the arrow and another to use the mask that you have, which is used in a number of puzzles, with a button to direct commands to the eagle accompanying you. “Snipers” do not move at high speed, but there are many amulets published Every place around the island that you have to hit (target identification is done automatically and holding the button increases the accuracy of aiming) to rush quickly and feel the rush that you get with hitting each target in a way that makes the experience of navigation and exploration enjoyable knowing that it constitutes a large percentage of the experience and focus On the exploration side, the developer abandoned the idea of ​​​​the mini-map and quick navigation points, which is something you will not notice, as the movement on foot is fast enough and fun when moving from one area to another.


The game world is divided into 4 regions, each of which is dedicated to one of the giants. When you explore the game world, you will find many puzzles that depend on several ideas. There are those that will require your use of the mask that shows you some hidden things in the world. You will also take advantage of the eagle accompanying you and your shooting skills. The puzzles return To show the developer's inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, many of these puzzles borrow their ideas from the game, while others come with their own idea somewhat. The other similarity in these puzzles is that they are also short and many of them can be solved in less than five minutes. The goal of solving these puzzles is Gain experience points that give you the ability to dash through the air with the help of your falcon or collect coins that represent the area's giant.


Coins are used to restore light to the three towers in each region, and as soon as the light is restored to those towers, you will be ready to confront its giant. All confrontations begin with chasing the giant in the area and causing damage to it, then moving to the arena for confrontation, and here each giant has a special way to confront him And a specific idea on which the confrontation will be based. Confrontations of giants represent the only parts in which you will engage in battles in the experience, so that the usual rhythm is movement and exploration, solving puzzles, and then confronting the giant of the region, and all this is done at an appropriate speed so that you do not feel that you are spending a long time exploring and solving puzzles.


There are some parts of infiltration, which I do not know what the purpose of them is. In these parts, a storm appears while touring the world, and as soon as the storm reaches you, the giant responsible for the area will appear, and here the eagle accompanying you will be harmed and the storm will throw it away, and you must reach it without the giant seeing you. These particles were broken The experience was disturbing and incomprehensible, and it is not properly designed. Usually, you will find that the giant's movement is relatively fast, while your movement is slow, and the environment does not contain sufficient elements that obstruct the giant's vision, which makes success difficult. Success in this part does not return anything to you, and failure In it, it means losing some experience points, nothing more, and it can be said that this part is the only negative in The Pathless in terms of the gaming experience.



Death is not present in The Pathless, and as we mentioned, if you fail in the infiltration parts, you will lose some experience points, and in boss confrontations, you will be thrown out of the ring when you get into trouble, and all you have to do to return to the confrontation is simply enter the ring again, the experience is medium in its difficulty, and the The puzzles are not complicated or difficult in their entirety, which makes them an experience suitable for the general players, and we had to talk about the Arabic translation, as we found it very excellent, and despite some spelling problems and some usual literal translations, the translation was excellent and varied in general, as it uses appropriate terminology to convey the meaning to the player without falling into Very literal translations with the use of a group of eloquent words in a way that we liked, and it seems that we will not wait long before we find that various games have excellent Arabic translation, whether they are from the independent developer or from the huge companies.


There are many puzzles and a number of side challenges that the game offers, and the content provided by these activities doubles the life of the experience if you want to do everything. Finishing the game required only about 5 hours, as it is a short experience. If you want to finish all the challenges, you will spend an additional 4 or 5 hours. Pathless is a simple experience in its idea, perfect in its application, and charming in its world. It is one of the short experiences that you go through to entertain yourselves because of its beauty and ease while preserving the element of pleasure.


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