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Review of The Walking Dead: Michonne -Ep1- In Too Deep
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Review of The Walking Dead: Michonne -Ep1- In Too Deep

 The Walking Dead: Michonne -Ep1- In Too Deep

So far, many consider the first The Walking Dead game to be the best that the hands of the development studio and “industry storyteller” Telltale have worked on, and it may be the game that raised it to the top, and after completing a second main part and waiting for a third season, we get a short series entitled Michonne consisting of three episodes, The first is the beginning, but not the beginning of the beginning.


Why not consider the game the beginning of the beginning? Simply because it is located somewhere between the events of The Walking Dead comic story, and the game bears the name of its main character, the brunette Michonne, who is isolated from people in her struggle with the walking dead and her painful past with the loss of her two daughters, and after she meets a new group of survivors, she begins to form new relationships and do more Of the sacrifices, you as a player will have a major role in it, as usual. The beginning is exciting, but it is slow, or you may suffer from a kind of slowness left by a style of play that consists in the first minutes of very limited movements.


You know that it is difficult to judge the story from the beginning, especially since this series consists of only three episodes, but the choices, as usual in studio games, do not show whether they are right or wrong, which makes you make some sacrifices that you will regret later. The story, of course, is not related. With the living dead or survivors, they are things known now in the series, but they are related to the characters and the relationships that you form, and Michonne succeeded again in putting you in difficult situations and within an interesting story, building characters though is still in the beginning and the main character looks cool so far, and it will be easy Abandoning the characters in the first episode if they don't gain more depth, and the fear that the team won't be able to do it in just two episodes, one of which will be the end.


The Walking Dead Michonne (3)

In terms of gameplay, TWD Michonne takes the founding elements of the development team's games. Character control is free in specific places, where you can move around the environment and interact with characters and objects in it, and sometimes it is scenes with limited control, such as moving the analog in one direction only to perform a specific movement, in addition to the QTE clips In which you have to press the buttons quickly and correctly and are usually activated to accompany the bloody action clips in the game, we find in this the things that characterize the studio games, but in a limited way, some options lead to the same events and results, and the stages of free play in which you collect some things are not interesting, especially since The dialogues are superficial and do not make you relate to one character or another, and that is related to the main game character who received most of the praise and appreciation from the comic, and this does not mean that she is bad, but rather as someone who gets to know her for the first time, you will need some time to accept her fighting and suffering personality.


With the same engine, it has become very difficult not to distinguish the studio's games from others, but things are starting to become somewhat outdated, so we do not know whether this matter should be a defect or not. The game does not show technical strength anyway, and there is no artistic value that can make this aspect Better, and the game does not seem to have received better care than the rest of the studio's games. The music, on the other hand, was able to create the appropriate ground for the events, and the beginning and end melody (licensed songs) created a special touch that could be used later in the game to change its general atmosphere.


The Walking Dead Michonne (1)

The first episode in this type of game always begins with the events and the introduction of the characters, and is the entrance to the story, and this series will not be an anomaly, although it was able to manipulate the nerves of the player with some events that do not interfere except in the last half hour of the game, and by adding an additional hour to it we will be We have talked about the length of this episode (an hour and a half) and we hope that things will improve in the remaining two episodes. We do not expect exceptional events, but rather more work on the story, dialogues, characters, and other things that can compensate for the limited gameplay.


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