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Juicy Realm review
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Juicy Realm review

 Juicy Realm

Juicy Realm is a shooting game based on two analog sticks and it is coming from the Chinese developer SpaceCan, the game contains elements of automatic generation of stages, and we have obtained the Nintendo Switch version of the game through the publisher and here we present its review to you.


This game is not the first game we review in Trogaming developed by China. The number of independent developers in China is increasing little by little, and who knows, maybe China will turn into a major force in the development of video games in the future. Speaking of shooting games using two analog sticks, this brings back memories of the wonderful game Geometry Wars when it was first released on the Xbox 360 to achieve great popularity, which was developed at the time by the genius development team Bizarre Creations responsible for the amazing racing game series Project Gotham Racing, which It did not have continuity with the studio's subsequent bankruptcy.


Our game that we are reviewing today is completely different in the way it is played than that game and is fundamentally different in its structure and design. The game relies on the automatic generation system to build the stages, which means that the stages will differ in design every time you play it, but in fact we see that this was not added A lot for the game, as the different design of the stages did not contribute much to changing or renewing the way of playing because the type of game itself (shooting) does not benefit much from this change, unlike other games that may be, such as platform or action games, and the game suffers from a real problem In this aspect, it is the absence of a real development system (progression system), which means that each game session will be exactly the same as the previous one.



The gameplay in Juicy Realm is excellent and indisputable, there is a large assortment of various weapons and there are upgrades for these weapons that can be obtained during the game and the completion of the stages, each stage is divided into a number of areas similar to rooms or separate screens and there is a map that can be examined to see where The next room to go to, when finishing each room or screen and clearing it of enemies, the player will get a reward, and during the game, coins can be collected to buy some tools between stages, such as a sandwich that can fill the health meter and weapon upgrades. At the end of each stage there is a main boss of aggressive fruit that represents the main enemy in the game. Boss battles are innovative and varied although some bosses are a bit squishy.


The game in general is not long, and when losing or ending the game, you will lose all that you have collected of upgrades or weapons that you have used. There is no system for developing the character from one game cycle to another, and there is no way to speed up or facilitate obtaining weapons or their upgrades. This makes the game As a whole, you suffer from repetition and limitations, and you will feel that everything you do is of no value, even when choosing other characters, we did not feel a big difference in the experience except with one of the characters who uses a white weapon that completely changes the method of confrontations to become close-range, although this increases the difficulty of the game However, the character has the ability to deflect ammunition from enemies at the correct timing.


There is an aspect whose quality cannot be disputed in the game, which is the visual or audio presentation aspect. The hand graphics in the game are beautiful, and although it is similar to many other independent games or games on smart phones, it is beautiful and full of bright colors. There is a forest and Desert, dark areas, and so on. Bosses were also designed with a high appeal of wild fruits. Even the music is also good, despite the difference in the level of melodies, and the best of them is the melody of the forest region. As for the sounds, there is no voice acting of course.


We recommend Juicy Realm to fans of this type of game provided that you get it at a low price, as it offers fun and beautiful audiovisual presentation, but this fun will fade when you discover the limitations of the game and feel the repetition that will quickly be achieved.


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