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Batman - The Telltale Series Ep1 review
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Batman - The Telltale Series Ep1 review

 Batman - The Telltale Series Ep1

Many still see the iconic hero Batman as the most unique hero, and the owner of the most profound personality as a “superhero” hero. , the development studio Rocksteady presented us with a trilogy that deserves praise, but it did not indulge much in its character except in a few times, so the role was given again to the Telltale studio to try to dress us in a suit to feel the weight of responsibility, and remove it from us to feel the weakness of Batman when he is not behind his mask.


The game focuses on the story, the action is there, but it is in the Telltale way, the story is divided into two parts, Batman and the billionaire Bruce Wayn, each one affects the other, a large part of the story is known as the death of Bruce's parents, and the game reminds us of that more than once, and at the same time it is preparing to show We have a hero who suffers from the weight of responsibility and the size of the decisions he makes, and Bruce's suffering between trying to help Gotham and what he receives from those who have purposes with his wealth, influence and family. The construction of the characters so far is excellent, and since they are not new, the studio had only to make the appearance of each character at the appropriate time and place, and he did it correctly, the appearance of these characters is either while you are wearing the mask, or it is while you are in Bruce’s elegant suit and you enter into a conversation With them, what gives a very great depth to the story of Batman and a closer look at him and what is happening behind the scenes of the hero, the protector of Gotham. This is in general. As for the story of the game itself, it cannot be judged unless all the episodes are issued and ended, but as a prejudgment, the story is interesting and has what it needs to tighten. player.


Batman - The Telltale Series (2)

Things will not change with the studio, it seems, as they use the same style of play and the same ideas, and add some spices here and there. Options take a large place as usual, with freedom to choose dialogues and reactions, all of which have an impact on the story, and as usual we have to wait to see the results in the upcoming episodes. The new feature in this regard is what the studio called Crowd Play, as it allows other players - if you wish - to participate with you in the choices by entering a special code through a dedicated site, so that viewers can, at each choice, vote on their phones on what your character should do. by/saying On the other hand, we have clips of QTEs that the team overuses, so the fights become very slow. Batman's fighting style is not fast in the first place, and since he does not kill, most of his strikes are sudden, powerful and precisely directed strikes. The team took advantage of this to make every movement linked to pressing a button or movement Analog, and sometimes both. What I called spices here are simple additions, including moving the analog towards the target to be hit by Batman, and even when I made a mistake, that had no consequences.


The game sometimes allows you to move freely in the environment and interact with what is in it freely, and when you wear the Batman costume, these stages turn into stages of investigation in which you have to find out what happened in the place you are in, do not be deceived by that, everything is written, the evidence is clear, the investigation system requires you Combining two clues to come up with a certain assumption, for example a killed policeman and a bullet in the ground, by linking them you will get Batman's comment about what happened, if you connect things badly, for example the policeman and the door, nothing will happen except that the game will tell you through the game's hero that you made a mistake, so there is no punishment of any kind, or effect on the story in that respect.


Batman - The Telltale Series (3)

There are other additions, but I am not here to analyze the game and mention everything. I will suffice to tell you that the game does not stray from being a game from the Telltale studio, with everything that distinguished its games. It's not bad, but if you're expecting a new heart of the game, you'll be disappointed, but the additions can change a little at least.


The game engine got a good upgrade, the appearance of the game is beautiful, there are technical problems, some of which spoiled the experience on the PC and were quickly fixed, but the slowdown of the game is still present, especially during fights and action scenes, but the appearance of the game remains the best that the studio has reached so far. The technical orientation may not help highlight the details of the features correctly, but it does the trick. There are minor problems related to the graphics, such as the feeling of slowness in the game as a whole and the lack of smooth movement in many places.


On the level of directing, there are some shots that excelled in this matter beautifully, and the passage from Bruce to Batman proceeds smoothly without interruption, and the team did well when it chose to launch the influential events from the first episode, although there is no current sense of the weight of the great choices, but giving the player The possibility of responding in more than one way gives the dialogues depth, so the reactions of the characters towards you will be different.


Batman - The Telltale Series (8)

Troy Baker previously played the role of the Joker to be this time the person who plays the role of the Black Knight. It is not possible to discuss the performance of this star, but we can discuss his voice and tone. If it is never bad for Bruce to play the role of the natural person, you will sometimes feel a defect in Batman's voice. Of course, these remain a matter of preference, but Troy's tone isn't strong enough to sustain Batman's shrill voice.


Most of the voice actors assigned to play the main roles got appropriate roles, the voices are clear and the performance is good, and there are no defects that the person can notice from the minutes he played. The sound effects are also good, and the melodies are excellent, you will feel similar to dozens of melodies dedicated to superheroes, and it will be difficult to keep the melody stuck in your mind, but the melodies are worthy of the general atmosphere of the game.


Batman - The Telltale Series (6)

The game Batman – The Telltale Series showed Batman with his prestige, did not spoil him and did not make him appear worse than his appearance in other works. The game tries to delve more into Batman's personality away from being the hero, and it has done so so far through its first episode, which takes about two hours.


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